WPF Learning Academy

We'd like to announce a new approach for our members to take advantage of our most popular course offerings. Our VIP Subscription model now provides unlimited access to our top programs. For one annual price, you can have any and all of your dealership employees have access to the Learning Academy's most popular New Employee Onboarding Series as well as the Growing Your Top and Bottom Line Sales Series. Also included is unlimited access to over 100 videos in the Shot of Octane Sales Training with Jim Ryerson and 30 Sales Management & Coaching videos with Lisa McLeod.

Read about the details on our VIP Program or contact Randy Kloostra for more info.

Sales Managers
The role of the dealer Sales Manager is perhaps the most critical role in a dealership. There is no greater point of leverage for a dealership. A good sales manager will inevitably translate into a good sales team. So, whether you are an industry veteran looking to get some new ideas for yourself or whether you are a brand new sales manager, there is a lot of great learning opportunities for you in the WPF Learning Academy.

Sales Reps
Whether you are a new sales rep or an experienced industry veteran you will find some outstanding learning opportunities to help you advance in your career as a professional sales representative. Our commitment is to provide you with what you need, so let us know what you think and what you need to help you become a successful selling professional!

The Operations section of the WPF Learning Academy provides a variety of additional learning resources and programs that will be beneficial for Sales Managers, Sales Reps and many other dealer personnel as well. We have worked to find the best values in these online learning programs to enable the dealership to train a wide variety of people in the most efficient and economical way possible. We will continue to search out the best online learning values and make them available to our members so check this area out for new learning opportunities regularly!

We know the importance and the impact that effective Leadership has for building, growing and sustaining long term results for your dealership.  We have put together a series or programs that will enable you to assess your current and future talent to insure you have the "right people in the right seats",  to develop and coach future leaders, and to develop your current managmenet team members with fundamental leadership and management skills.

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